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Accessing Google API's

Creating a Node.js Application to Verify Android In-App Subscription Status




Once the users of your Android application purchase a subscription, it can be helpful to validate a subscription from your backend servers to identify users who have cancelled, are about to expire or who have let their subscription lapse. To do this, you need a Service Account authorized to access Google APIs, you’ll need to create an oauth token for identity, then call the correct API with the right parameters to receive the current subscription status. Fortunately, Google provides multiple client libraries for different platforms to make this easier.

In this lesson you will learn:

How to install the Google API client in your Node.js application
Identify the APIs you need to use
Identify which methods and API endpoints are available
Create an oauth client in our Node.js application to authorize our request
Which pieces information are required for the API call and where to find them
What data is returned in the API call and how to interpret it




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Lessons in Accessing Google API's