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Robolectric 3

Testing Activity Views with RobolectricTesting Activity Views

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In this Lesson you will learn:
- How TDD works on Android.
- How to test TextView and its attributes.
- How to create a helper for resource fetching.
- How to create a helper for view assertions.

- Robolectric




This shouldNotBeNull was failing for me.

So I took a look at this link:

And solved it.

Corey Latislaw, in order to help future students, I advise you to update this info in this video, or at least in the video description.

Well, I tried to update the Deprecated classes, adding
testImplementation 'androidx.test:core:1.0.0' instead of testImplementation 'org.robolectric:robolectric:4.2'.

Unfortunately, the app now doesn't run.

Those are the links I followed:

Also, the statements below are now red:
activity = Robolectric.buildActivity(RobolectricActivity.class);

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