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Designing our First Interface

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We've learned a few principles as well as some of the features of Sketch. Now let's put these things into practice by designing a simple calendar application.

In this episode you will learn:
- Creating an interface using symbols from the Material Design template
- You will also create your own symbols and elements
- How to duplicate symbols when required
- You will learn how to override symbols contents




Great course, It would be nice if you explain the logic behind your spacing (margin and padding) and keylines . I guess it comes from the material design guidelines, can you say what are the settings of you skecth grid.

Hey there! Yes the choice of the keyline and spacing does come from the Material Guidelines. I've covered the Material recommendations for the grid and keyline in a previous lesson (not sure if you had the chance to watch that):

The Sketch grid is set with 8px with thick lines every 2 grids typically.


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