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RxJava 2 - Disposing of Subscriptions with Disposable

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In this lesson you'll learn how to dispose of a RxJava 2 observable stream using the `Disposable` interface ([source]( You'll be shown how to obtain a disposable instance via the `subscribe()` method overloads. The `subscribe` methods will be provided with a lambda expression that will consume the event. Since a lambda expression is used, a `LambaObservber` ([source]( will be returned which you can use to dispose of the observable stream. You'll also be exposed to the `subscribeWith()` operator which accepts an `Observer` instance and you'll learn how to provide a `DisposableObserver` to this method in order to properly dispose of the observable sequence. If you want to learn more about the history of the `isDisposed()` method, please see [this issue on the RxJava issues page on GitHub]( This lesson is demonstrated in Kotlin. Related Lessons: - [Logging with Timber](

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