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Drag & Drop and Swipe to Dismiss using ItemTouchHelper

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This lesson will show how to add gesture-based controls to your RecyclerView using ItemTouchHelper. It is a utility class designed to make it easy to add swipe to dismiss and drag & drop support to RecyclerView. #### Lesson Objectives * Define the ItemTouchHelper class * Show how the ItemTouchHelper.Callback class is used to * Control which gestures are enabled * Receive callbacks based on user events * Implement Swipe to Dismiss (swipe a list Item to remove it) * Implement Drag & Drop (drag items in a list to re-arrange the order) #### Gist with classes to copy into project [Gist: Interfaces and ItemTouchHelper.Callback]( #### External Resources Check this excellent [blog post](, by [Paul Burke]( for details about the implementation shown in this lesson. #### Android References [ItemTouchHelper]( [ItemTouchHelper.Callback](

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