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Using ItemDecoration to Add Dividers to a List

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In this video I am going show how to add dividers between your list items. To add dividers, we will use a facility built into RecyclerView named ItemDecoration, which is a special class that allows the application to draw offsets and drawables onto a RecyclerView.

Lesson Objectives

  • Add list dividers to RecylerView that uses Linear, Grid, and StaggaredGrid Layout Managers
  • Show how to write and use a custom ItemDecoration class
  • Explain how\when to use ItemDecoration methods: onDraw(), onDrawOver(), and getItemOffsets()
  • Proper way to access adapter information from class (using getChildAdapterPosition())
  • Using CardView for variably sized content

Material Design Reference for Divider Usage

There is excellent guidance about using lists that is worth reading. The information about using cards is particularly relevant to this lesson.

Android References





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