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Introduction to Realm for Android Developers (Deprecated)


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Introduction to Realm for Android Developers

This video has been updated. See the new version here.

Learn how to store data with the Realm database, an alternative to SQLite. Realm is a MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) based database that is super fast and very easy to use.

In the is Lesson you will learn:

  • Add Realm to your project.
  • How to configure Realm with a custom name.
  • How to create Realm Objects.
  • How to save objects to Realm.
  • How to retrieve objects from Realm.
  • How to query Realm using the fluid interface operators.
  • How to avoid a common memory leak in Realm.

At the end of this Lesson, you will be able to add Realm to your project and use it as your database. Be sure to check out the Realm Java Documentation. If you run into any issues you can add them to the issue list on on their Github page located here.

- Realm Java Documentation




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