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Deleting Objects

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Storing data in Realm is easy. Deleting that same data is just as simple. You can delete object references, lists of data, particular objects, and even delete all the data in a Realm database very easily. In this lesson you will learn: - How to delete an object from Realm. - How to delete an object reference - How to delete the first item from a `RealmList` and from `RealmResults`. - How to delete the last item from a `RealmList` and from `RealmRestults`. - The difference between `deleteFromRealm(int location)` and the Java `remove(int location)` methods. - How to remove an item from a `RealmList` with the `remove` method. - How to remove all types of an object from Realm with one call. - How to delete all data in the Realm database. - How to delete a Realm based upon its `RealmConfiguration` ### Links - [Realm Java Documentation]( ### Sample Code - [Sample Code](



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