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Build a React Native Application

Debugging Errors in React Native


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There are a few classes of errors in React Native. You will learn what types of errors can be triggered, and how to use the on-screen stack trace to help track down errors.

You can also debug your app in chrome, and use console log statements to better see what is happening to your data.

Summary of Content:

  • The three major classes of errors in React Native
  • How to debug JS "remotely" in your app
  • Using console statements to inspect data




I cannot get the remote debugger to error when I add textAlign: 'center'.

Can you bring up the developer menu on the simulator? (for iOS: cmd-d, for Android: cmd-m on mac, or ctrl-m on windows) Once you do that, what happens when you enabled "remote JS debugging"?

I don't get it either

Hello Albert, did you see Chris' comment below?

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