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Stubs - Matching on Any Parameters of a Given Type

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#Description: This lesson describes how you can configure stubs to match on user-defined objects, as opposed to those classes built into Java. Mockito has built-in matchers for the likes of `anyString()`, `anyInt()`, `anyBoolean()` and so on, but what happens when you need to match on a class you wrote yourself? We describe the use of the `any()` matcher which matches on any types and any values, including nulls. Additionally, we describe the use of the overloaded `any(Foo.class)` matcher, which requires an instance of the user-defined class Foo to match; this will not match on nulls. #Summary of Content: - How to let a stub respond when you pass null as a parameter - Configuring a stub to match on anything (any type and any value) passed as a parameter, which includes nulls - Configuring a stub to match on only instances of a specific class, which excludes nulls - The differences in syntax required when using Java 7 vs Java 8 #Code Links: - #Other Relevant Links: - -



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