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Material Design

Material Motion - Implementing Ripple Touch Feedback

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The Material Design Motion guidelines, have detailed specifications for how touch feedback is supposed to look. In particular, it states that "Ink ripples confirm user input by immediately expanding outward from the point of touch."

It is simple to implement proper Ripple feedback, using functionality built into the Android framework. In this video I will demonstrate a few simple methods for adding effective Ripple feedback to custom Views and RecyclerView items.

In this episode you will learn:
- How to apply the borderlessButtonStyle Style to an XML element
- How to apply the selectableItemBackground attribute in an XML element
- How to apply feedback to a Recycler Item
- How to use Ripple feedback in addition to other XML attributes (using foreground vs. background)

Sample Code:

- Borderless Button Style -
- Selectable Item Background -




The Selectable Item Background link it's offline, instead we could use this

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