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How to Enable Developer Options on an Android Device



This lesson will show you how to enable Developer Options on your Android device. Once enabled, you can use Developer Options to enable debugging options that are critical for Android development and for getting access to system settings that aren't available to normal users. With developer options, you can do all the following:
* Install Apps from Unknown Sources - Install apps that are not distributed via the Google Play store.
* Enable USB Debugging - Run your app using the debugger and view your Logcat messages.
* Mock Locations - Have your device think you are somewhere you are not, like New York City. This is great for debugging location based applications.
* Unlock Bootloader - To flash a new version of Android on your device (if you own an unlocked phone).
* Modify Animation Speed - Needed disable animations for Espresso testing, or to slow down animation speed for debugging custom animations.
* Show User Input - Visually show taps and the coordinates and paths from touch events.
* Don't Keep Activities
* and more.

* Android Documentation on Developer Options




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