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Build a Simple Google Assistant App with Zero Code

Understanding the available options of actions that can be used by Actions on Google


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There are quite a few of options for you to create your Action for Actions on Google, these can be the templates like the Trivia, personality quiz, and Flashcards.
Or by integrating your current IoT service using the Smart home action, or even by using DialogFlow to write your custom logic
You can also have the Google Assistant running on your IoT device, by using the Actions SDK

This lesson gives you an overview of those options.

Summary of content

  • Creating your action by extending the Assistant with Actions on Google
  • The available Actions on Google templates (Trivia, Personality Quiz, and Flashcards)
  • SmartHome
  • Actions SDK
  • DialogFlow


Trivia template
Personality quiz template
Flash cards template
Smart home
Actions SDK

Actions on Google
Actions on Google console
Extending the assistant




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