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Build an Ethereum Decentralized App (ÐApp) with Solidity and the Truffle Framework

Install Truffle & the Caster.IO Starter Box


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In this lesson, you will learn how to install the truffle framework, used to compile, test, and migrate your smart contracts. You will be introduced to Truffle Boxes and learn how to unbox the Starter Box which contains the React application and framework that you will use throughout the remainder of the course to build your Decentralized Application. Finally, a brief overview of the box is provided to get you familiarized with the files you’ll be using.




@here if anyone is trying out this tutorial on Windows and is having trouble unboxing the truffle-starter, please have a look at this thread:

Hey Timotei,
Sorry you had difficulties with the python dependency. For anyone else experiencing similar issues, I created a Docker file that will allow you to run the project via Docker. You'll lose the ability to see code changes on the fly (until you restart the Docker container) but it will allow you to proceed with the course.
See the README in the project for details.

I would like to use the same method as in the video if you could share the versions of node, truffle, and other dependencies. Thanks

For anyone wanting to follow the same steps in the video, node 8.9.4 is required because something is deprecated in the current version (12). You can use nvm in an empty directory for the course:
$ curl -o- | bash
$ nvm install 8.9.4
Then you can follow the next steps.


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