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Espresso Test Recorder

Recording an Espresso Test


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Espresso Test Recorder is a fantastic tool for “breaking the ice” and trying Espresso for the very first time. It’s a clean and simple user experience, and generates Espresso code. Whether you are a developer trying out Espresso for your first time, or a Testing Engineer that is trying Espresso, the Test Recorder is a great place to start.

This lesson will teach you how to use Espresso Test Recorder, and create your first Espresso UI test for an Android application.

Did you know?
* Espresso Test Recorder was originally named “Cassette” internally by Google when it was under development since cassette tapes were infamous for their recording ability back in the 1980s and 90s.

* Espresso Test Recorder has been used by thousands of apps created their first Espresso tests. This info is derived from Google’s Android Studio analytics which identifies when Espresso dependencies and the androidTest source directory are added to a project for the first time.
* Espresso adoption and usage has risen since Espresso Test Recorder was released.

Pre-requites for this Lesson:
* Have an existing Android Project in Android Studio to write a test for. If you don't have an app to test, you can checkout the linked demo project.
* Have an Android device or emulator connected to your computer.
* Have developer options enabled on your device for disabling animations manually.

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