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Android Build Variants

Introduction to Build Variants, Adding a Suffix to Your App, Intro to AAPT (Part 1)


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In this screencast, you will be introduced to Android Build Variants. You will learn how to add a debug suffix to a debug build and you’ll also learn how to inspect an APK badging using the aapt build tool.



Hello Donn.

I run the command ./gradlew assemble --stacktrace but an error is happening. See:

Looks like this one is caused by an Android tooling mismatch (this course is a few years old so the versions are out of date). Let me try to update the code to get it to work.

Rodrigo, all branches have been updated to a recent version of Android Studio and Gradle and they'll now compile without issue. Please pull the latest from GitHub.

Now it works.
Thanks Donn!

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Lessons in Android Build Variants