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Dagger 2

Creating a Component, Wiring up the Application and Injecting an Activity

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In this Lesson you will learn:

  • What Dagger 2 Components are
  • How to build a Dagger 2 Component
  • About Dagger 2 Code Generating files like – Dagger{FooBar}.java during build time
  • How to build a Dagger module
  • How to wire Dagger 2 up to an application.
  • How to perform an injection into an Activity

- Dagger 1
- Dagger 2
- Dependency Injection Wikipedia Article


A title "Dagger 2 for Developers who have worked with Dagger 1" would have been a suitable title course. A newcomer can not whatsoever learn anything from this course as everything in these videos is about how stuff was done in Dagger 1(which is not explained) and how it is now done in Dagger 2. No intro to newcomers whatsoever. Disappointed.

Hey there, I see how this can be frustrating. I do agree that there is no intro into to the topic. We are working on a refresh for this course at this time. We do have a good intro to dependency injection covered here (the concepts also apply here):

I would be waiting for the refresher course of the series. When can i expect it to be out?

We currently do not have a firm ETA on when the Dagger 2 refresh will be out.

Did concepts or implementation details changed so much from dagger2 used in video in comparing to current version?

Dagger 2.0.2 that is so deprecated

Will this course be updated?

We will be creating a new course on Dagger 2 and retiring this course as much has changed.

Was there a new course created on this? I just joined this site, and was keen on taking up the dagger course, although too early but am already seeing that this course is outdated, this course was one of the reason for me to join in and second thing I assumed that the coding exercises would start ground up but slightly disappointed to see that we might be using already developed application here. This is a mental blocker, but let me see how it goes, with videos around 2 to 8 minutes this is definitely luring.

We don't have a new course on this ... Yet. Hopefully in the next quarter
we will have one.

Hi ,

Is the new course created on Dagger 2 ? It seems outdated ... Can you please tell me where to find the new course ?

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