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Custom Views and ViewGroups

Custom ViewGroups (Part 4): Implementing onMeasure

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In this lesson, we will implement the onMeasure in our custom ViewGroup in order to properly size both the child views and the ViewGroup itself.
- How child views and the space that each takes up horizontally and vertically affects the space available for other views
- How to track the width used and height used in a ViewGroup as we measure views
- How to use measureChildWithMargins to do the hard work of calculating child MeasureSpec values and calling measure on that child
- How to include the child's LayoutParams margin values in the calculations
- How to calculate the overall measured width and height of the custom ViewGroup and call setMeasuredDimension


Great video and course! I have really been enjoying the graphics in these! They really help me visualize what I am trying to accomplish when writing my methods.

I second this one of the best course on caster

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