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Introduction to Android Things

Understanding Datasheets

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This video is going to show you what, why and how we can use datasheets. Whenever working with a new hardware peripheral you’ll likely have to refer to the datasheet to understand how the peripheral works and communicates.

A datasheet, is a document that summarizes the performance and other technical characteristics of an Android Things electronic peripheral. In theory it should explain in sufficient detail how that peripheral can be used to integrate the component into an app.

Another way to think about it is, datasheets are the professional equivalent of a 'how-to blog' for a new IoT sensor or actuator.

Having a deeper insight into datasheets means you have the means to read reference documentation and use new peripherals without someone else having to write an API first. If you can find and get information from the datasheet you are one step closer to being able to code a new peripheral sensor or actuator with AndroidThings!

Links from this lesson:
- BMP280 Datasheet
- readRegBuffer Android Things Docs




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