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Storing Data in Android with Room


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In this lesson, we'll discuss what TypeConverters are, and describe when you might need to use them.

We'll add a new field to an entity, one with a data type that Room doesn't know how to persist. We'll see the error Room provides here, and walk you through how to add a TypeConverter to fix the problem.

Summary of Content:

  • What data types Room knows how to store
  • How to tell Room how to store complex objects, such as classes you've defined yourself
  • What a TypeConverter is, and how to define a function using the TypeConverter annotation
  • How to register a TypeConverter with Room, using the @TypeConverters annotation
  • What options you have for applying scope to a TypeConverter
  • When you'll see this error, and how to fix it. "Cannot figure out how to save this field into database. You can consider adding a type converter for it."
  • Writing type converters to allow us to persist a field of type Date to the database





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