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Storing Data in Android with Room

Defining an Entity


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Room - Defining an Entity

This lesson will explain what a Room Entity is and demonstrate how to define it.

We'll walkthrough the creation of a Room Entity which will represent a Task which can be tracked in our app. We'll see how to define the Task class as both a Room Entity as well as a Kotlin data class.

We'll add some fields to the Task which can represent the title and the completion status, as well as an auto-incrementing ID which will be used to uniquely identify the Task in the database.

Finally, we'll demonstrate how to register the entity with Room.

Summary of content

  • What a Room entity is
  • How to define a simple entity
  • Using a Kotlin data class as a Room entity
  • Room @Entity annotation
  • @PrimaryKey annotation
  • Autogenerate primary key
  • Requirement to use var instead of val for entity fields
  • Registering entities with the Room database





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