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Storing Data in Android with Room

Creating the Data Access Object (DAO)

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Room - Creating a Data Access Object (DAO)

In order to interact with the database, Room makes use of the Data Access Object pattern, otherwise known as a DAO. This lesson describes what a DAO is and how it can be defined in Room.

A DAO is an object which serves as a gateway between the database and the rest of the app. As such, all interactions that require reading from or writing to the database will go through a DAO object.

This lesson will walk you through defining a DAO for our Task entity, including use of the @Dao annotation and how the DAO should be registered with Room so that instances of the DAO can be created by the database.

Summary of content

  • What a Data Access Object (DAO) is
  • Defining a DAO for Tasks as an interface
  • @Dao annotation
  • How to register a DAO with the Room database
  • How to obtain an instance of your DAO from the database





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