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Storing Data in Android with Room

Foreign Key Relationships

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In this lesson, we'll describe foreign keys and how they can be used to establish relationships between entities in the database.

We'll add a new User entity to the project and show how we can create a foreign key relationship between a Task and a User, so that a task can be assigned to a user.

We'll show how you can have the database perform an action when you delete one part of a foreign key relationship so that your database is always in a valid state.

Summary of Content:

  • How to define a foreign key in the @Entity annotation
  • What problems we might have if we don't use a foreign key
  • What referential integrity is and why it is important.
  • Why we might see a SqliteConstraintException when deleting an entity, and how to fix it
  • Defining an onDelete action to be performed when a User is deleted
  • How we could delete Tasks when we delete their assigned User using CASCADE
  • How we could automatically unassign Tasks from a deleted User using SET_NULL.





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