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Storing Data in Android with Room

Database Migrations

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In this lesson, we'll discuss what database Migrations are, and how you can use them to safely make changes to your database schema.

When you make a change to your database, you'll need to tell Room how to handle this change in the form of a database Migration. A migration ensures your user's data is preserved while updating from the old database version to the new one.

In this lesson, we'll add a new field to an entity, and detail how to migrate the database so that the new field can be used without losing any of our database data.

Summary of Content:

  • Why database migrations are required
  • What the default behavior is if you update the database without providing a migration
  • Incrementing the database version number
  • What this error message means, and how to fix it:
    • "Room cannot verify the data integrity. Looks like you've changed schema but forgot to update the version number. You can simply fix this by increasing the version number."
  • Defining a database migration
  • Registering a migration with Room
  • Providing SQL commands to update the database
  • How Room applies migrations, detailing what happens if your user has missed some app updates and is jumping several DB versions
  • What fallbackToDestructiveMigration() does, and why that can be helpful during development





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