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Android Studio 3.0 includes a new Profiling tool. It is intended to provide real-time data about your Application relating to Memory, CPU and network usage. This video will show how to setup and start using the tool.

By default the profiler will display a timeline with high-level graphs. There is more detailed information available, but it must be enabled. This video describes how to setup your project to enable Advanced profiling, which will enable additional functionality, including:
- An event timeline of user input events
- Detailed information about objects allocated to memory
- Details about files transmitted across the network



I'm on AS 3.3.1. I cannot record, and I cannot get any detailed information?

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues...can you describe in more detail the particular issue you are encountering?

You may want to upgrade to the newer versions of AS, in the AS 3.3 release, there were improvements to the profiler, which might address your issues:

Good luck, if you want to describe your particular challenge more specifically, I may be able to help, but 1st step is probably ensuring you are using the updated tools.


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