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Android Model-View-ViewModel Pattern

Introduction to MVVM for Android with Data Binding


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MVVM is a design pattern for organizing GUI applications that has become popular on Android.

This lesson will introduce you to the main 3 components of MVVM, the View, Model, and ViewModel. You'll learn about what they are and how they interact with each other. we finish up with a preview of the sample application we'll be building together in this course.

In this lesson you will learn :


  • Definition, roles and responsibilities.
  • What should go in your model layer and what shouldn't.
  • Benefits of model isolation and how it affects testing.


  • Definition, roles and responsibilities.
  • How it interacts with the ViewModel.


  • Definition, roles and responsibilities.
  • How it supports the View, by providing actions and observable state.
  • Interactions with the Model.
  • Isolation from the View.


Thanks Eric, great course!

Thank you Eric, one of the best courses!


Lessons in Android Model-View-ViewModel Pattern