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Android Build Variants

Changing the Default Name of Your App, Free and Pro Versions of Your App, Alternate Code Paths (Part 2)

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In this Lesson you will be shown how to:

  • Change the default name of the application within the settings.gradle file
  • How to create a free and pro version of your app
  • Create build variant code paths that only execute per build variant
  • Create two different applications with two different package names (free and pro versions)
  • How to create different folder structures for the free and pro versions of the applications
  • How to use ./gradlew assemble
  • How to inspect the APK badging information using the aapt tool


And here, this error happens:

Rodrigo, I just updated all branches to a recent version of Android Studio and Gradle and they'll now compile without issue. Please pull the latest from GitHub.

The video is different from the "change-app-name" branch.

Correct. I updated it because it would not compile with recent versions of
Android Studio and the Gradle plugin. The main difference is the addition
of the dimensions.

I tried creating flavors in build.gradle. And this error happened:

ERROR: All flavors must now belong to a named flavor dimension.


This thread helped me solving:

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