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Advanced React Native

Using the React Native Dev Tools


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React Native provides a built in component inspector, but it's limited by the small screen size of the simulator window. We'll install react-devtools, which allows you to see your app's entire component tree, as well as inspect state, props, and styles of each component.

You can even dynamically edit the state, props and style of your components - and see what the app looks like as those values change.

Summary of Content:

  • Clone the base app and install npm dependencies
  • Use the built in component inspector
  • Install react-devtools, which connects to the component inspector
  • Use react-devtools to look at the component tree, and change a component's props and styles





I get an access error when I tried to clone the repo;

The code should be public - can you see the repo at ? Perhaps you are behind a firewall or proxy that is restricting access.

Also, maybe try the https version instead of the ssh version? - git clone

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Lessons in Advanced React Native