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Realm & Android Architecture Components

Abstracting RealmResults from your Application to Reduce Coupling and Improve Testability

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Traditionally, in a Realm Application, it's been necessary to directly expose RealmResults to the various layers of your app because there was no standard way to deliver the live -- auto updating, reactive -- data that RealmResults provided. This has all changed with the advent of LiveData.

LiveData as it's name implies is a container for live, reactive data, that is also Android Lifecycle aware. This lesson will teach you how use Realm with/ LiveData to remove the dependency on RealmResults from outside of your DAO layer.

Summary of Content (what you will learn):

  • How to expose LiveData<List<? extends RealmModel>> from your DAOs.
  • Why you no longer need RealmResults when exposing LiveData.
  • The benefits that LiveData provides.

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