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React Native with Redux

21 lessons

54:04 total



In this course, you will take an existing React Native application, and modify it to use Redux instead of local state.

Redux is a state management library, and is often used with React Native to simplify data flow within an app. You will take an existing Todo List application that keeps the list of todos in local state, and move that data into Redux. Along the way, you’ll learn about actions, reducers, selectors, and how to connect Redux to React Native components.

Throughout this course you will see the benefits of having a centralized state solution. You will learn how to pull data from that store, and how to dispatch actions to the store to modify the state. When combined with React, that will allow you to automatically and dynamically update the UI of your app.

When you’re done with this course, you will have a better understanding of when (and when not) to use Redux, and you’ll be able to use Redux in your React Native applications.

If you're not familiar with React Native, watch our React Native intro course here.


Lessons in this course