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Espresso Test Recorder

6 lessons

16:49 total



Espresso Test Recorder is a fantastic tool for “breaking the ice” and trying Espresso for the very first time. Available in Android Studio 2.2 and higher, it’s a clean and simple UI based tool, that generates Espresso code for us.

Whether you are an experienced developer, or a testing engineer that is trying Espresso for the first time, the test recorder can provide value and is a great place to start. Espresso Test Recorder isn’t perfect, but this course will walk you around the edges to get the most out of it.

This course goes in depth on how to effectively use the test recorder, leverage the advanced settings, and understand the generated code. We also go into detail about some of the issues you will encounter over time with the generated code to help you start building a maintainable test suite.


Lessons in this course