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Build a React Native Application

24 lessons

01:08:15 total



In this course, you will build a cross-platform React Native application using JavaScript.

You will build a ToDo list application that will communicate with a remote API (which is written in Node.js - and is also available for download in this course). The app will target both Android and iOS and when complete you’ll leave with two release files - an Android APK file that you can upload to the Google Play Store and an iOS IPA file that you can upload to the App Store.

Throughout this course you will learn how to set up your project, build basic text views views, implement scrolling lists, respond to UI events such as button clicks (and more), work with props, style your components, implement navigation, connect to a remote HTTP endpoint, perform refactoring and much much more.

When you’re done you’ll leave this course feeling confident that you can embark on your journey as a React Native developer.


Lessons in this course