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Android MvRx Fundamentals

20 lessons

42:34 total



MvRx is an Android architecture library built on top of Jetpack that is practical, fun, easy to learn, yet powerful enough to scale to large apps.

  • MvRx is simple to learn and integrate into any app no matter how big or old it is.
  • MvRx provides a common structure for you and your team to write consistent code.
  • MvRx has numerous features that reduce boilerplate and eliminate many error-prone areas of development such as managing the Android lifecycle or error states for asynchronous actions.

In this course, you will learn how much MvRx simplifies Android development for every use case, simple or complex.

We will:

  • Learn how to integrated MvRx into an existing app
  • Learn how Jetpack's ViewModel architecture solves key lifecycle and data challenges
  • Learn how to model complex state with simple immutable data classes
  • Learn how to integrate MvRx with you dependency injection framework
  • Write unit tests without worrying about lifecycles or robolectric

In under one hour, you can go from MvRx Zero to MvRx Hero.


Lessons in this course