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Building a plugin for Android Studio

In this course, you will learn how to create a plugin for Android Studio with Kotlin. You will be first introduced to the different plugin components and how to use them to write a simple plugin. You will then learn how to arch...

Refactoring Legacy Code in Android

In this course, we will take a legacy Android app that hasn’t been maintained and refactor it into a modern Android app using MVVM architecture, the Room Database, and more. We will focus directly on MainFragment in the Minima...

Testing Fundamentals of Flutter

In this course, you will learn how to test and measure the performance of your Flutter application using different techniques, such as unit testing, widget testing, and integration testing.

Android Dynamic Feature Modules

This course introduces you to Android's dynamic module delivery, now known as Play Feature delivery. It covers the benefits of dynamic module delivery and how can it be leveraged in existing Android applications. It includes le...

Dependency Injection with Dagger 2

In this course, you’ll learn about dependency injection with Dagger 2, including diving into the generated code to understand how Dagger works under the hood. We’re going to build an app from the ground up, but we’ll focus most...

Flutter - From Zero to Hero

This course would help you get started with Google’s app development SDK, Flutter; taking you from zero to hero status in no time. You’ll be learning about the concepts that’ll help you get up and running with Flutter quickly. ...

The Kotlin Programming Language

In this course, you will learn the Kotlin programming language from the ground up. Topics include, but are not limited to: * Installing the IDE * Variables (and read-only variables) * Data Types * Conditionals * Loops *...

Android Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite and tf.Keras

This course will teach the end-to-end process of training an image classifier with tf.Keras (a high level API of TensorFlow 2.0), convert to a TensorFlow Lite model and then deploy the model to Android. You will also learn some...

Android MVI Pattern

Learn how to master the Android MVI pattern (Model-View-Intent). You'll learn how to set up your application for the MVI pattern implement your models, manage state, view events, testing and much more.

Android MvRx Fundamentals

MvRx is an Android architecture library built on top of Jetpack that is practical, fun, easy to learn, yet powerful enough to scale to large apps. MvRx is simple to learn and integrate into any app no matter how big or old it ...

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