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We use several top tier global CDNs (content delivery networks) to deliver content around the world. When you press play on a lesson, it will be delivered from a server that is closest to your physical location. This means faster load times and a better viewing experience for you.

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Plop back on the couch, fire up the Chromecast and stream the lessons directly to your TV. It's that easy.

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Forgot your headphones? On a crowded train? Maybe on a bus? Maybe, it's just late at night. Either way, you're good - watch all lesson with closed captions.

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Things are always cracking behind the scenes. So, do we have some new stuff on the way? YEAH buddy, we got you covered. We're cranking on some new stuff for you, this very minute. Here are a few of the courses we're working on now:

React Native Development
A getting started guide for React Native for someone who knows JavaScript, but doesn't know React.
Realm & Android Architecture Components
This course will show you how to use Realm with Android Architecture Components using best practices.
Android Mobile Vision API
This course will teach you how to setup the API, how to process frames from the camera and detect visual features.
Android Architecture Components Deep Dive
This course will dive deep into the Android Architecture Components showing a comprehensive implementation.
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